Strive is a third person co-op action-adventure videogame where you and a friends will take control of a small band of characters along their journey to save their kingdom. In this journey, You will travel through many mythical areas of South America.
You will be playing as a young warrior prince "Guachine" who has been banished from the city due to causing the death of his mother at birth, and his younger sister the princes Chaska who has in her possession a powerful jewel encrusted in her chest. She has been assigned a mission to travel to a mythical place know as "The well of Power" where she can use the jewel and save their kingdom from total collapse.  
As they travel to "The well of power", You will also have other powerful allies such as the great Inca general "Asto" and a powerful warrior sorcerer "Kuho". They will be at your side and in your control to aid you in this adventure. Along the way you will face many great challenges which will come in the form armies, and deities and formidable monsters. The message which we want you to experience and live in this journey is that no matter the odds, no matter how many times you lose, or what is lost, you can strive to find a way forward and achieve that which is in your mind.

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